Monday, July 21, 2008

For blogger who wants to use original photo, picture, and image must have hosting to upload them on internet. We can use some public free image hosting. I recommend 2 image hostings that I usually used.

1. ImageShack
ImageShack have to services for user, one for member other for non member. Register with ImageShack to receive personalized service:

  • Keep track of all the images and photoblogs you ever upload.
  • Get image code faster
  • Have the ability to delete and undelete your images!
  • Upload batch multiple images, with the ability to resize them upon upload.
  • Registration is absolutely free!
If you don't want register, you still can use upload your image for free. Upload your image in simple way. You can create thumbnail image, resize image.

ImageShack allowed: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif, tiff, swf < 1.53 megabytes. If you want upload more than 1.53 MB, you have to upgrade for $8/month.

2. Photobucket

Photobucket offers free tools for making slideshows of photos, videos with music. You can share your photos and videos with friends by email, IM and mobile phone. Plus, you browse through Photobucket's huge online library of photos and videos to find the latest and best photos, images and videos. Finally, Photobucket's online store lets you print pictures, as well as add them to shirts, hoodies, mugs, calendars, stickers, wall posters and more.


mita said...

I'm choosing photobucket!

Anonymous said...

info bagus

Anonymous said...

I am not a very active forum member i order to require image hosting , but according to my experience is one of the most advanced one , moreover its free .

Anonymous said...

Try They have thousands of templates. It's free, and you can post up to 100 full size images with no size or bandwidth restriction.

Works pretty good if you want to do things on the fly without knowing any HTML. Best thing is that you can save and reuse templates later on and their templates are both eBay and Craigslist compatible.

Worked for me and my images are not limited to what eBay or Craigslist offers plus I don't have to pay extra. Let me know what you think.

free image hosting for auctions said...

If your looking for a cool design i would recommend auction wall

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