Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blog Elements When creating a blog template I found there are few elements

I always used. One blog always have 5 elements:

  1. Header
  2. Content Area
  3. Sidebar
  4. Comment
  5. Footer

I will describe all, one by one.

1. Header

The header is the first element that most visitor see on you blog. Yes, it's the most important thing. The header makes your blog be different for another. That's why you have to get more attentioan on your blog header. Even you using a free public template. If you choose using a free public template, you still have to modify your current header. Give some touch to look different form the original. That's makes your blog can be different. Pelase remember that is important thing if you can make your blog header memorable and eye catching.


  • Put your blog title with a bigger font.
  • Put your tagline, message with a normal font or a little bigger than normal
  • Be more creative, example using a nice image with a nice color.

2. Content Area

This the element where you put your article.It's means, this element is the visitor most spend their time on your blog. They will be read all of your article if they feel comfortable on your blog.


  • Build a hierarchy that establishes a flow. Title and content must be in
    a different style. You can using a different color, size, weight, background
    color, etc. A title must have a link!
  • Keep your content clean and consistent, more easier to read your article.
  • When your styling links, make sure that they pop out enough to call attention
    to it, but not so much that it is distracting when reading.

3. Sidebar

This elements is the section where you can put article archieve, blogroll, links, advertising, everything that you wanna put on it. Some weblog service has widget to manage this elements. More easier using widget.

  • Do not use any unnecessary widget that doesn't really help the reader find what they are looking for.
  • Organized sidebar with title.
  • Keep your sidebar clear space.

4. Comment

Comment are where you can get feedback from visitor, communication with the visitor.

  • Design your comment element different from other element, especially content are.
  • Make it easy for a reader to see that each comment is separate from each other.
  • Design the author comment with different but still looks like part of comment. Example, using a different color.
  • Design miscellaneous information like name, date, and number different from the content comment.

5. Footer

Some peoples don't want to use this elements. They just just stick a copyright on the bottom with some basic links. But, you can more creative on this element. For example, this blog:

By adding some links and some widget, you can control your sidebar, not overflowing.

  • Design the footer so that is contrasts with your regular content.
  • Keep it simple, so visitor can read.


Anonymous said...

Wah, aku yang pertama comment. Dapet hadiah apa ni mbak? :)

Blog desainnya bagus, dan seperti kebanyakan blog terkenal lainnya: simpel dan ga muluk-muluk.

Keep updating ya mbak.

Mari kita sama-sama berjuang sebagai sesama pemilik blog baru.

Rini said...

The gift is: "thank you".
Thank you for the spirit.

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